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The Cave The Purgatorial Ethic and the Spirit of Welfare August 27, 2017 Tom Boland talks about his recently published article "The Purgatorial Ethic and the Spirit of Welfare".

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What is the PEX algorithm and why is it important to study it? Published: 30th June 2017 Author: Aisling Tuite   In December 2016 we received funding from the Irish Research Council under the New Horizons Interdisciplinary Project Scheme to carry out a pilot project titled; Understanding Unemployment in the era of Big Data: Exploring ...



May 2017 The annual Economy and Society Summer School will take place from 8th - 12th May 2017 in Blackwater Castle Co. Cork. Addressing the multiple and complex intersections of the economy and society, the week long doctoral symposium brings together scholars from many disciplines to discuss 'economic' themes such as; the market, the state, production, ...


New Labour Market

The New Labour Market In recent times the focus of jobs and work have shifted from steady employment and jobs-for-life into boundaryless careers and precarity of employment. This stream explores entrepreneurship and innovation, new forms of work and the shifting landscape of industry. More information on this project can be found in the New Labour Market tab and ...


Welfare Conditionality and Sanctions

Welfare Conditionality and Sanctions This stream explores the increasing trend towards imposing conditions and sanctions on unemployed people, whether through demographics (e.g. age) or failure to find employment. Increasingly social welfare recipients note the additional challenge of responding to the demands of social welfare departments while trying to remain focused on finding paid, quality and sustainable employment. More ...


History of Labour and Welfare

Historical Labour Markets and Welfare Unemployment and job creation is of central importance to political life in Ireland. The growth from the 1950s hailed an economic recovery with a singular aspiration of full employment. This stream explores the genealogy of political interference in the creation of jobs and the administration of social welfare. More information on ...


PEX-Understanding Unemployment in the Era of Big Data

PEX - Understanding Unemployment in the Era of Big Data. This branch of research is supported by a funding grant from the Irish Research Council (IRC) under the New Horizons Interdisciplinary Research Project Award. The primary aim of the research project "Understanding Unemployment in the Era of Big Data: Exploring how data-driven theory and algorithmic ...



WUERC The Waterford Un/Employment Research Collaborative (WUERC) came into being against the backdrop of a rapid increase in the number of unemployed people in Ireland (from 4.2% to 15% between February 2006 and February 2012). The research group, comprising of colleagues in from the schools of Business and Humanities in Waterford Institute of Technology, set ...