The sociology of unemployment, edited by Tom Boland and Ray Griffin.

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The sociology of unemployment

Published in 2015, this edited book explores unemployment from a variety of sociological perspectives to shed light on an issue of pressing concern to both our economy and our society. Each chapter takes a different approach, commenting on everything from the subjective qualitative experience of unemployment, to the reporting of unemployment in the media, and how the breadth and depth of unemployment is transformed into a single number for statistics, metrics, and policy.

The reformation of welfare: the new faith of the labour market, by Tom Boland and Ray Griffin.

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The Reformation of Welfare

Published in 2021, this book adopts an economic theology perspective to examine how it is faith – rather than economic ideas like calculability that make the labour market work. The central point made in the book is that welfare is inseparably connected to a centuries long project that has its origins in theology to reform people. This is not universal or contingent. Not all philosophies or world views believe that people can be changed or altered, but embedded within the very conceptual framework of modern welfare is the idea that we can (and must) transform ourselves for the labour market. In this reading, work is prayer, unemployment is a purgatory, jobseeking is a pilgrimage, and the labour market is a church.

The authors came to the Economy & Society Summer School in 2021 to discuss their work, read about it here or watch the video below.

Journal Articles

The Death of Unemployment and the Birth of Jobseeking: Governing a Liminal Experience. Tom Boland & Ray Griffin. DOI:

Seeking a role: disciplining jobseekers as actors in the labour market. Tom Boland. DOI:

Making sacrifices: how ungenerous gifts constitute jobseekers as scapegoats. Tom Boland & Ray Griffin. DOI:

The purgatorial ethic and the spirit of welfare. Tom Boland & Ray Griffin. DOI:

Nothingness and Time: Exploring the temporal governmentality of unemployment. Tom Boland & Ray Griffin. DOI:

Avowing Unemployment: Confessional Jobseeker Interviews and Professional CVs. Tom Boland. DOI:

Jobseeking as pilgrimage: trials of faith in the labour market. Tom Boland. DOI:

Making sacrifices: how ungenerous gifts constitute jobseekers as scapegoats. Tom Boland & Ray Griffin. DOI:

News and Media

In addition to academic engagement, WUERC has always prioritised getting our message out to the public. Find examples of our engagement with policy makers and news media below.


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